All the Leaves are Brown: How the Mamas and Papas Came Together and Broke Apart

  • Released on Backbeat Books June 1, 2023
  • Released on Audio July 11, 2023

A Word From The Author

My name is Scott Shea, and I am the author of All the Leaves Are Brown: How the Mamas & the Papas Came Together and Broke Apart due out on Backbeat Books on June 1, 2023. In my professional life, I have been the producer of Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd on the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM since 2012. I’ve been with the channel for 11 years and with SiriusXM for 15 years. In my time there, I’ve produced five original audio documentaries that have aired nationally.

Scott Shea
Author and Producer

Few songs have captured the contradictions and ambiguities of the 1960s as memorably as “California Dreamin’,” the iconic folk music single that catapulted the Mamas & the Papas into rock and roll history. In All the Leaves Are Brown, author Scott Shea details how John Phillips, Denny Doherty, Michelle Phillips, and “Mama Cass” Elliot became standard-bearers for California counterculture, following their transformation from folk music wannabes to rock sensations and chronicling the tumultuous events that followed their unexpected success.

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